At Apple Auto Detailing in NYC we strive for a supreme quality cleaning of your automobile. We are about quality not quantity. We only use some of the best products on the commercial market. These include Auto Magic and Car Brite products. We know your going to love our work!

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Before Car Wash:

Before Apple Auto Hand Wash, Wax and Detailing NYC

Your vehicle can get dirty just sitting still in a garage. Add driving it and it will pick up all kinds of nasty stuff that's not good for your paint!


After Car Wash:

After Apple Auto Hand Wash, Wax and Detailing NYC

Washing, waxing and detailing will bring your car or SUV back to it's intended beauty and help protect it from the elements.



Whenever I am in the city I have my Mustang detailed by Evan and the crew at Apple Auto Detailing NYC. When it is done, my GT looks even better than when I first bought it! Thanks guys!!!

Ralph - Rehoboth Beach, DE


Primary Services:

Car WashingCar Washing

Once you have experienced our superior hand car wash service, you might never go back to ordinary machine wash car wash systems. We are certain that you will be spoiled by our excellent quality of work.

Prices range from $40-50 ($5.00 off cash)
NYC tax included.
About a one hour service.

Car WaxingWash and Wax

Waxing is an important STEP you can do to protect and maintain your car's paint. It protects your paint from the elements while at the same time giving it a high gloss showroom finish.

Prices range from $105-120 (5.00 off cash)
NYC tax included.
About a two hour service.

Auto DetailingExterior Detail

Detailing entails the pain stacking process of cleaning and polishing the fine details of your automobiles body and interior with a fine tooth comb approach. We take great pride in our attention to detail!

Prices range from $200-$225 ($5.00 off cash)
NYC tax included.
About 4 hours or more.


Other Specialty Services:

  • Interior Detail
  • Full Detail
  • Parking Services
  • Under 80,000 mile car sales
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Parking Services:

Apple Parking Facility in NYC's Greenwich Village.
Apple Parking

Auto Sales Services:

Apple Parking Under 80,000 mile car sales made easy! Let us sell your car for you with Sell My Car for Cash.com

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