Hand Car Washing in NYC

Oil changes and regular maintenance are necessity for all car owners. It is also just as important have your car washed regularly. It is a well known fact that vehicles of owners who wash there car regularly; last longer, look great, and have less paint trouble.

Here at Apple Detail Center, once you have experienced our superior hand car wash service, you might never go back to ordinary machine wash car wash systems. We are certain that you will be spoiled by our excellent quality of work.

Our wash service includes cleaning your wheels with safe chemicals, a lather of special car wash soap. We only dry with by hand with a safe for paint shamy. Then the inside is vacuumed air hosed out and leather or, cloth is cleaned with a special cleaner, windows are cleaned inside and out.
This is perfect for maintaining your car in between details and wash and waxed.

NYC Car Wash & Auto Detailing

  • Wash car with special car wash soap, and applied with soap glove
  • Special wheel cleaner applied to car
  • Items in car organized and put into bags
  • Rinse car with water
  • Vacuum interior
  • Use vinyl and leather cleaner for interior
  • Odor removal with new car scent or fresh scent
  • Glass cleaner applied
  • Tire shine finish
  • Thank you floor mat paper

Prices range from $40.00-$50.00

$5.00 discount for cash
NYC tax included.

About a one hour service.

Note: If you are parking at our garage for the day, ask for this service and have your car clean when you pick it up.

Call today: (212) 229-2553

We guarantee that when you see your professionally cleaned automobile you will be 100% satisfied. Using the industries finest cleaning products and years of experience has made New York City Auto Detailing the leader in auto body care in the Tri state area!


Only hand washing protects your paint!
Only hand washing done here!
Tire & rim cleaning is essential.
Tire & rim cleaning is essential.
Applying Tire Shine.
Applying Tire Shine.
Professional Ultra Shine...
Professional Ultra Shine...
Ultra Wet Look Tire Shine!
Ultra Wet Look Tire Shine!
Only hand shammy cloth used for drying...
Hand shammy cloth drying...
Professional Car Washing
Professional Car Washing
Professional Tire Maintenance
Professional Tire Maintenance